Tuesday, February 24, 2009

By the Leader, with the Leader and for the Leader….

Richard Moreau, Vice-President, Director Emergency Preparedness & Public Safety
Effective leadership is essential for any organization to be effective in times of crisis. In order to achieve this any organizations EP and EM framework must be developed by the leaders, with the leaders, and for the leaders. The effectiveness, quality and relevance of an organization’s EM/EP framework are directly proportional to the level of engagement of the leaders. It is no longer sufficient for leaders to view EP/EM with the attitude of “break glass in case of emergency” . Leaders need to be fully involved in shaping the processes, procedures, structures and tools aimed at supporting their decision making process. The time to kick the tires on your EP/EM framework is not during a crisis. Leaders play a key role in setting the environment and conditions for success.

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